For the first time .. Women in the field service offices in Hajj (photo & # 39; s)

For the first time .. Women in the field offices in Haj (image) Saqr News, indicating the harmony We are publishing for the first time .. Women in the field offices in Hajj (photo & # 39; s), for the first time .. Women in the field offices in Hajj (photo & # 39; s) We send you our new news today through our Saqr News and for the first time with the most important news .. Women are running in the field service bureaus in Hajj (photo & # 39; s).

Saqr Al-Riyadh – Saqr News:

The women's department of the Matoufi Hajjaj Arab organization performs 9 tasks this year during the pilgrim season, with a framework of more than 50 scientific and experienced qualifications.

The head of the women's section, Lina Abdullah Khashim, said that the work during the season is based on five women's committees: the Field Service Committee, the Inspection Committee, the Kul Center, the Follow-up Committee and the Hospital Committee.

She pointed out that the work was divided between the women's section and the field offices, the female part being involved in their work for the first time to fulfill multiple roles, such as welcoming and welcoming the pilgrims of the House of God and organizing trips to Mecca and setting up various awareness programs.

Khashim pointed out that the department helped to execute the matrices in the service offices and follow up the performance indicators, emphasizing that these contributions to the women's team helped the organization to monitor the performance of the field offices and daily reports from the work level and treated accordingly.

And emphasizes that this year the Foundation wanted the female part to be used as a work partner for men in the tasks they divided during the season.

And not limited to the role of women Almtofh on this point according to Khashim, but continue to communicate with the matrices and data qualifications and frameworks scientifically qualified to take advantage of them to update, along with updating information and mobile numbers and accounts, and receive requests for advances and grants.

The employees also respond to the customer service mission by answering the call center's questions, transferring it to the competent authority, registering them electronically, addressing the problem, receiving requests and finding the names of the applicants from the community.

Another team visits dormitories in hospitals by giving them gifts and raising their morale.

The role of women in the holy places is extended through the committee of inquiry, where a women's team was formed to tour the camps to check the satisfaction of the Arab pilgrims with the services to Al-Rahman's guests through scientific questionnaires end of the season will be analyzed.

Khashim concluded that Al Mutawfah enjoys the support and attention of the president of the Foundation, engineer Mutawf Abbas Qattan and his deputy, Mohammad Ma'jini, to be a partner in the service of 380,000 Arab pilgrims representing 19 countries.

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