From the temptations of Hajj .. Egyptian need translated her husband instead of the devil (Video)

Hajj rituals performed by Muslims
In Mecca, the jokes and attitudes of some pilgrims have been followed in recent years by some newspapers.

Saudi media reported another report
About an Egyptian need that her husband was stoned instead of the devil, and not only that, but also was criticized
To someone with every stone that she threw.

She added that when asked about the identity of the person
She was criticized for not responding because of her anger, but close to her
She was accompanied by the reason that the reason for the need to stone her husband was due to the betrayal of the latter
More than once.

The plane flies because of Iraqi pilgrims!

In an incident no less coarse than the previous one, she announced
The Iraqi airline in the thirties of the last century, the first flight to the Kingdom and worked
To reassure the pilgrims who are afraid that if the plane falls and died, they will enter paradise
Immediately to obtain the reward for the pilgrimage.

After the plane had taken off, the commander was surprised by the dizzying
Because of a number of air bumps, and then determined that the plane landed with its nose down, and whenever
Corrected his runway again, sent his assistant to see the wings and told him everything was fine, earlier
To be amazed that the pilgrims pray in the group, the more they throw themselves to the ground, they changed the course of the plane,
The more they stop, the more the aircraft will return to normal.

Travel for Hajj by bike

The Chinese pilgrim Muhammad Bamachin decided to follow
The ancient traditions of the pilgrimage, to leave the luxury of flights and decided to perform Hajj
On the bike and a distance of 8150 kilometers and in many countries and lasted about 4 months.

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