General / 937 Health Center receives more than 93,000 calls last week

The most important news from Saudi Arabia today: Wednesday, September 19th
News Details Saudi News Today: 937 Health Center receives more than 93,000 calls last week

General / 937 Health Center receives more than 93,000 calls last week

Wednesday 1440/1/9 H corresponds to SPA 2018/09/19

Riyadh, September 19, 2018
The Ministry of Health indicated that the total number of incoming calls to 937 centers last week reached 93,804 The center provided 35,194 medical consultations in the same period The center also received 6857 complaints while 131 applications for transport were handled from one hospital to another. While the number of booking times at health centers is 15634 dates.
The 937 center offers a range of services, including questions about the ministry's services, questions about the transactions issued and received by the ministry, medical care, medical consultations, requests for transport between hospitals according to medical necessity, communication and complaints at all. government and private health facilities. The center receives all communications from the patients with regard to the health issue related to health, in addition to all complaints and observations around the clock and passes them on to the relevant departments involved in the ministry and its departments, in addition to receiving all urgent communication and urgent to be Encouraged ear for the patient to find out their needs and requirements and work to implement them.
The center is one of the most important initiatives in the field of health, and aims to provide medical services via a telephone exchange, and can be contacted via this number from across the Kingdom, the center is based on the principle of listening, responding and implement and analyze, delivered by citizens and their satisfaction with the services provided. This assessment is published weekly.
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