"Health" announces the death of Egyptian pilgrims to 66

2018-09-01 12:39:44

The Ministry of Health and Population has announced the death of three Egyptian pilgrims on Saudi territory on Saturday, bringing the total number of deaths to 66.

The Ministry of Health said in a statement that the first case of the need was called Zeinab Abdullah Hassanein, 72 from the province of Aswan, died in Mecca, the Hajj of the interior followed The second case of Hajj Yusuf Mohammed Yusuf Salem, 67, from Dakahlia, He said that he died in Medina, and the third case of Hajj Abdulkarim Abdulqader Ahmed, 79 years old, from the province of Aswan, followed by the pilgrimage of the interior, died in Mecca.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, Khalid Mujahid, that the cases died after a sharp fall in blood circulation and the airways, pointing out that the emergency room received a medical mission in Mecca, a message of death, pointing to the coordination with the competent authorities to issue death certificates.

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