Indian must have a stroke refused air transport through the air! .. Learn the reasons

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The rescue teams of the Saudi Red Crescent Society saved an elderly Indian woman who had suffered a stroke during the pilgrimage to Hajj in Arafat's hair after an air ambulance intervened to take her to the nearest medical facility.

The medical teams explained that the service was provided free of charge by the government of the guardian of the two holy mosques to provide all medical services to the pilgrims.

The Indian need came in a fit of crying when the doctors told her that the service had been provided free of charge to the pilgrims by the Keeper of the Two Holy Mosques. He called on the government to help the government guarantee the safety and safety of pilgrims and their services and support for the pilgrims.

It should be noted that air ambulance falls under the services provided by the government of the guardian of the two holy mosques to serve the guests of the Lord, and to transfer the critical cases of sacred feelings to health facilities, knowing that the air ambulance is the state excessive amounts of operation and fuel and others costs.

The Air Ambulance team works in collaboration with the Aviation Security and Evacuation Army through five ambulances equipped with the latest medical equipment and technology.

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