(Investment fund): Wall Street report on suspension of solar project is incorrect

An official source at the Public Investment Fund said the report published by the Wall Street Journal entitled "Saudi Arabia suspends work on the $ 200 billion Softbank solar project"
In response to allegations in recent press releases, the Public Investment Fund said it will continue to work with Vision Softbank and other institutions for a number of large large-scale projects that exceed their investments.
Billions of dollars related to solar energy, which are announced in time.
The Fund pointed to the official statement of March 2018, which states that these deals include many projects in solar energy production, as well as joint plans for the production and development of solar panels in the Kingdom.
Saudi Arabia on a large scale.
These plans include research, development and training programs for professionals and professionals in the sector These plans for setting up a pilot project in the solar sector are still on track, in line with the projected project schedules. of this size and ambition.
In line with these efforts, Saudi Arabia is pursuing its comprehensive renewable energy strategy, while the Kingdom seeks to become the leader in renewable energy and in line with the vision of the Kingdom of 2030, the Ministry of Energy and Industry. to carry out a mineral program in collaboration with the parties involved in the Kingdom. In order to achieve an overall transformation in the energy sector, to make it more competitive, efficient and sustainable, supported by a strong and vital contribution from the private sector.

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