Launch of 68 initiatives that stimulate the private sector to settle and increase competitiveness in the labor market

The Social Action and Development System yesterday announced the launch of 68 initiatives that will stimulate the private sector to expand Emiratisation and increase participation rates of the national labor force in the labor market, targeting individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises and large and large companies.
Ahmed Al-Rajhi, Minister of Labor and Social Development, said these initiatives support the private sector, encourage it to grow and provide more sustainable and productive employment opportunities for the sons and daughters of the nation in all regions of the world. Kingdom. Achieve strategic plans and support the national economy in accordance with the objectives of "national transformation" and "vision of the Kingdom 2030".
Al Rajhi said during his meeting with opinion leaders to talk about the announcement of the Emiratisation initiative yesterday, not to change the compensation of financial compensation to emigrant workers and their relatives and dependents in Saudi Arabia.
According to the timetable, the first phase of the three-month initiatives will be launched, followed by other phases of programs and initiatives.
The initiatives aimed at individuals are aimed at facilitating employment, increasing training opportunities, improving the services and working environment of employees, spreading the work culture and involving policy makers. The general objectives of business-oriented initiatives are to facilitate of companies, improving services and speeding up procedures. , And activate the communication with the ministry.
A number of initiatives have been launched for persons of both sexes, whether they are workers or job-seekers, including programs to support the employment of citizens and women, to support the employment offices of university graduates and graduates of specialized professions, and transfer of the human resources development funds to rehabilitation and employment centers, health, real estate, purchasing, restaurants and cafes, localization of government goods, expansion of programs for the transfer of working women, support for custody of the children of working women, increase the number of goals in the training program "s at work Tamhir" Staff, experience and development of labor committees.
Initiatives for companies with small, medium, large, large and large sizes include the provision of ministerial services on government platforms, the expansion of economic activities in scopes, digital transformation and self-evaluation, a compliance project for inspection, the Pilot Enterprise Leadership Academy, Compensation of competences , developed program for social dialogue, participation of the economic community and indicators of labor.
Enterprise-specific initiatives include critical visa initiatives, visa categories, visa validity, grace period in platinum domains and platinum parcel services, Emiratisation Award, parallel settlement adjustments, immediate impact austerity, professional domains, domain services adjustments, green services package average, solution resolution of irregularities, organization of work schedules and scaling, outsourcing outsourcing, strong platform and performance.
It also included initiatives related to the recruitment and recruitment of non-appealing occupations for citizens, the process of urgent recruitment and foreign investment in the field of recruiting domestic workers.
The initiatives of the system focused on a number of joint initiatives for individuals and enterprises, for interested groups and partners: to expand the support of entrepreneurs, to develop sectoral and regional resettlement, to ensure the uniform organization of the working environment of women, e-contracts, launching the complaints system, promoting the contractual relationship, improving the final exit procedures, the exit and return procedures and the parallel domains of the graduates.
In 1439, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in Makkah controlled about 11669 localization violations by 7654 visits, while the number of warnings reached 41544 in five sectors, including input for women, communications, tourist accommodation, gold and jewelery.
"The inspection campaigns continue on all commercial activities in the Mecca region and the governorates in the region, followed by around 208 inspectors and inspectors to ensure that the owners of the institutions adhere to the Ministry's decisions and improve the labor market environment. create more opportunities ", says Meshal al-Qurashi, director of public relations and media. Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia, and called on everyone to report irregularities in the work sector they control, through the application of "Together Monitoring" available in smart devices or by calling the customer service number 19911.
Al-Qurashi pointed out that last week the ministry was able to monitor 251 placement violations during 2458 inspection visits to the Mecca, Taif, Qunfudah, Lith, Rabigh, Mecca and Jeddah Governments.

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