Lexus introduces the seventh generation of its all-new ES 2019 in the Kingdom

The exclusive Lexus ES car in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced the launch of the all-new Lexus ES 2019 during a ceremony at the Lexus Center in Riyadh and was attended by a group of loyal customers of Lexus and lovers of luxury cars. s. On social networking sites.

The all-new Lexus ES follows nearly three decades of unparalleled success in the luxury car segment, with Lexus setting a new milestone in its ambitious career today by launching the seventh generation of the Lexus ES, which has a new platform driving experience improves and gives more design Just like the exceptional levels of comfort and luxury equipment Lexus is known for.

"Lexus has set a clear goal for the development of the Lexus ES 2019, giving it a new dimension," said Yasuhiro Sakakibara, chief engineer of Yasushi Sakikabara. "The luxury sedan, known for its advanced comfort and tranquility, The new Lexus ES is designed to deliver a much higher level of performance than its predecessors. Every new generation offers Lexus ES not only to meet the needs of our customers. meet, and also exceeded their expectations. "

"We are very pleased to launch the all-new Lexus ES in the Middle East in general and in Saudi Arabia in particular to complement the success of this model and to pave the way for the launch of the new Lexus ES, "said Yugo Miyamoto, head representative, Toyota Middle East and North Africa. On the way to an exceptional driving experience in the region. "To create a new and exciting sedan, the Lexus engineers had to take on the literal challenge and build on the basic pillars of the Lexus ES.

Lexus introduces the seventh generation of its all-new ES 2019 in the Kingdom.
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