Ministry of Information offers a service this year to broadcast the broadcast of pilgrimage rituals free with HD # mk_alan # Day _ know

The Ministry of Information this year launched a live broadcast of Hajj rituals on a number of electronic platforms on the social networking sites "Twitter and Facebook", in addition to the live broadcast through the account in the "YouTube" will be broadcast around the clock and will be the transfer of Hajj from Mecca and the holy places.

The Director General of the State and the International Communication Center, spokesperson for the Ministry of Information. Abdullah Al-Mughlout, stressed that this initiative comes under the guidance of His Excellency, the Minister of Information. Awad bin Saleh Al-Awad, as a gift from the Ministry of Information to all Muslims around the world.
The ministry also offers 19 channels in six languages: Arabic, English, Urdu, Malay, French and German.
The Ministry also launched the slogan and identity of Hajj and the portal and the address of the address:, and confirmed the completeness of the preparations and preparations for the launch of advanced technology to ensure the purity of sound and image and continue the broadcast by technology
It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Information launched the report of Hajj 1439 AH that Treats and send Hajj events at a rate of more than 120 tweets during the day. The account assesses all the highlights and initiatives of the government institutions participating in the hajj.
stressing that the Ministry of Information and its affiliates and centers are making efforts to take advantage of the global changes in technology and social communication, to develop its services and to spread throughout the world to increase.

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