More information about the 1440-calendar and New Year's exams

Burger – Riyadh

At the beginning of the school year, students and parents want to learn more about the 1440 calendar this year, to prepare well for exams halfway through the year and the end of the year.

According to the academic calendar 1440, the study starts for students for the first semester 1439/12/22, which falls on Sunday 2018/09/02.

The national holiday, according to the academic calendar 1440H, will be on 1440/01/13, which corresponds to 2018/09/23

The exams for the first semester start on 1440/04/09, which corresponds to 2018/12/16

The start of the holiday mid-year starts on 1440/04/20, 2018/12/27

The study starts in the second semester according to the academic calendar 1440 for this year, on 1440/04/30 corresponding to 2019/01/06

The start of the second semester test is on 1440/08/16 in accordance with 2019/04/21

Finally, according to the academic calendar 1440 on 1440/08/27 corresponding to 2019/05/02, the end of the year by God willingly begins.

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