More than 280,000 students visited the school of Asir

The director general of education in the Asir region, Jalwai Al-Karkman, stressed that the work in the field of education in the region is being implemented seriously to reflect the efforts being made by the wise leadership and by the ministry. , and the support received by Aseer education from the Amir of the region and its deputy. And to achieve the aspirations of the community and keep pace with the vision of the Kingdom of 2030, pointing out that the staff and staff of education are able to reach this country in the ranks of developed countries, and the world to lead to charity and creativity, expressing his happiness and appreciation for the efforts of teams in the field The educational leaders of the School teachers, teachers and teachers, and the presence and active participation of parents on the first day of the new academic year.

This came during the follow-up of the start of the study in a number of education schools in the region this morning, where he stood on the regularity of students in a number of schools, including the elementary model, and the primary king Abdul Aziz and secondary Fahd, and had a meeting with a number of sons, Almoravidin on the southern border, and continuing services in this category, as part of the project for the care of sons and daughters of Almoravides implemented by the General Directorate of Education within a number of community programs & # 39; s The assistant for educational affairs Saad Al-Juni, the assistant for school affairs Abdulrahman Oudah and the assistant for educational matters Noura Al-Farah, From schools to support them.

On Sunday morning, more than 280,000 students from all levels of education attended more than 1,370 boys and girls' schools. The first week program, which targeted about 17,193 students in first grade, was implemented. The program is intended to provide educational, educational and recreational programs. ; s to offer for new and future students. Adapt them gradually to the school atmosphere.
The department has completed the reception of 10 educational projects worth more than 41 million riyals, while the building environments have taken into account the development of elements of the educational and educational process, as well as providing transport services for students and students according to the approved allocations for the region.

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