News 24 A terrible coup of a vehicle that injures "5" people from one family. The Half Moon spokesman in Al-Baha: "3" cases of criticism

imageThe spokesperson for the Red Crescent in the courtyard, Emad bin Mansi al-Zahrani, who sent a report to the chamber of the Red Crescent operations on the unified number 997 at a coup, before the periodic investigation was the time of the author at 19:37 on Sunday 15/12/1439 e.

Three medical teams were led to the site according to the reports of the operations Several casualties occurred on the site When the first team arrived, it became clear that there were five injuries of one family: the injuries were detected at the site and three serious injuries at the location and then transferred to the King Fahad hospital and two other injuries. The injuries were also treated and transferred to the King Fahd hospital.

Finally, Al-Zahrani called on the citizens and residents to report to the operating room of the Saudi Red Crescent at 997 when something happened, God forbid, wishing they worked with the paramedics and were capable of emergency ambulances. to pass and not to collect in case of accidents; They are not disabled when they provide emergency medical care and carry out their humanitarian tasks.


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