News 24 Citizens are able to get the hand of a child, suspended from an open fuel tank

imageThe media spokesman of the Civil Protection Directorate in the Al-Jouf district Captain / Abdulrahman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Dweihi that the civilian defense teams in the province of Qurayyat started a statement indicating the detention of a 15-year-old child in the fuel tanker's car Ford type of one of his family members is shown, where the situation was directly caused by the difference And was transferred to the hospital by the Red Crescent and took the hand of the child from the opening of the fuel tank under the supervision of a doctor and all the praise .

He called the captain "Al-Duwaihi", the need to follow the families of their children and not allow them to tamper with the dangerous things to maintain their safety and prevent the consequences of God is praised. Ask God the Almighty safety for everyone.



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