News 24 E-learning courses start a digital system for male and female students

archivalThe Ministry of Education intends to set up a system of electronic services and solutions in the coming days that will focus on all students, parents, teachers, education and school leaders in the Kingdom.

The Ministry said in a statement that one of the most prominent services of this system is the availability of electronic courses in electronic format, teacher guides and portfolios with classroom activities, educational and accompanying materials and your plans, and the bank of electronic questions. and virtual learning communities.

She added that it is expected to start a service that links the electronic curriculum for each lesson. Barcoud helps to understand the lesson and explain it to the student, each lesson contains a special barcode on the mobile phone camera to enter the detailed information about the lesson easily and easily.

The digital education services system coincides with the changes taking place in the Kingdom with the 2030 vision, which aims at a higher level of economic development, by keeping the transition to a knowledge society at a steady pace and keeping pace with technology and technology. development.

The ministry said that the ministry has started the development of the national education portal "Ain" as one of the measures taken to achieve this goal to contribute to the desired digital transformation in education, noting that for the development recently also activity books for the primary phase and relay exercises for the student book have been stopped, And to help the students.

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