News 24 "Living" makes it possible to participate in the membership of the program "angel" and "rent" .. These characteristics

Expression photoThe & # 39; Rent & # 39; – & & # 39; The Ministry of Housing's Malak & # 39; program has provided various electronic services to those who have affiliated with them as registered members, including lists of companies that provide them with real estate management services, complexes and maintenance for different types of real estate units.

The general manager of the real estate organization in the ministry, Mazen Al-Daoud, explained that the launch of the membership offers benefits for the members, namely the lessor, the real estate agent, the tenant and the owner within the owners association of the two program & # 39; s. The membership allows 32 services of classified companies and the service can be requested, contracts and electronic payments.

He added that the beneficiary searches the portal for the service he wishes to select for the region, then selects the service provider from the list of service providers, selects a "request" and selects the price from the list, ie the contract takes place electronically. pay after approval of what has been agreed and has the right to evaluate the service and the Previous assessment of the member of the service provider.

He pointed out that the generalization of the service will be phased, it is now available in Riyadh, Makkah, Jeddah, Dammam, Dhahran and Al Khobar and will in the future arrive for the rest of the Kingdom, and those who want to subscribe via the website

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