News 24 The Ministry of Information invites the officials to cover the National Day 88 events to register on the site

imageThrough its website, the Ministry of Information has launched a portal to draw media attention to national 88-day events that will encompass all regions of the Kingdom.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Information, Director-General of the State and International Communication Center Abdullah Al-Mughlout said that the ministry's initiative is to facilitate the functions of the media in the transfer and coverage of national day-to-day activities in more than 896 activities, including 10 regions & # 39; s and more than 331 locations.

He called on the media, the press, the electronic and television institutions to ask their representatives who are responsible for reporting the events to register via the Ministry's website (

He pointed out that the Ministry of Information, represented by the Center for Public and International Communication, has given the following e-mail: [email protected] or via telephone 1988 to receive media requests about the activities of National Day 88 organized by the participating government institutions.

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