News 24 Video that documents a large pile of sacrifices and violations of the slaughter of Maisam. The secretariat of Mecca confirmed

imageThe Mecca secretariat suspended a video from a trader who revealed various irregularities in the typical Maisam slaughterhouse during the slaughter of sacrificial animals during Eid, and revealed the actions taken by her.

The video showed that large numbers of carcasses and the distribution of their own waste in the slaughterhouse resulted in a lack of compliance with hygienic and hygienic standards.

The secretariat said that what emerged in the video was the result of the accumulation of very large numbers of pilgrims accompanied by the two absconders of the system of residence rather than the slaughterhouses of the Kingdom project to take advantage of the Huda meat and sacrifice.

She added that, in the light of the urgency of the pilgrims to slaughter them at a certain time, leaving their sacrifices without taking advantage of them and without the obligation to arrange the entry of cattle for slaughter, there is a disturbance of the scheme and the organization resulted in the accumulation of slaughter and the distribution of their waste.

She explained that the investor of the slaughter was not ready to receive these large numbers of slaughterings at the same time, which exceeds the capacity of the slaughter, where on that day 27 thousand and 690 sheep heads were slaughtered.

She pointed out that, with the help of security personnel and additional secretariat observers, she would immediately intervene to regulate the importation of the slaughter and to oblige the investor to work on the disposal of waste and to clean and clean the slaughterhouse. situation.

It has taken a number of measures, in particular the confiscation of 1950 carcasses unfit for human consumption, and the transfer of about 25 "landfills" loaded with sheep slaughtered by anonymous butchers, the entire area of ​​pens cleaned and waste have transported and have sprayed the area with limestone.

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