News from Yemen the greed hunger of Saudi soldiers yesterday at the border .. King Salman sends an urgent message (details)

The death toll of Saudi soldiers at the border yesterday. King Salman sends an urgent message (details)

Five Saudi soldiers were killed while fighting with armed men from the al-Houthi group on the border between Yemen and Saudi, south of the kingdom.

Five soldiers, including four ground troops and a soldier of the National Guard, were killed during confrontations with the Huthis in the southern border of the kingdom, reports the website of martyrs of service on Twitter.

He explained that the soldiers were: Undersecretary of the Regiment / Faisal bin Aqeel al-Mutairi, and the head of the censors / Khaled bin Saeed bin Nasser al-Mahdi al-Qahtani, the first soldier / Ahmed bin Mohammed Yousuf Hakmi, the first soldier / Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Othman Alwani, Saud Hamoud Hamid Al – Jabri Al – Harbi.

While the Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and crown prince Mohammed bin Salman sent an urgent message.

King Salman and his crown prince expressed the pride and pride of all martyrs, and called Almighty God to accept him with grace and forgiveness, emphasizing that what the various military sectors do is a religious and patriotic duty and heroically great a source of pride and is proud of all people of the nation.

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