No bad weather effect on the pilgrims and they are all good

Ayman Abdul-Muqeem, Executive Director of the National Foundation for the Facilitation of Pilgrimage and Umrah and the Head of the Pilgrim Mission, stressed that the bad weather observed by some holy places in Saudi Arabia last night was not affected by the pilgrims .

The head of mission told the agency "Middle East News" today: the instability in the atmosphere not only affected some umbrella's and gates and decorations and everything outside the camps, led to power outages and returned after the quiet again, and now listen to the pilgrims the sermon of Arafah. He and the overseers were with the pilgrims to reassure them and insist on following instructions not to leave the camps, especially as they met their basic needs as food, water and ice.

He pointed out that sick pilgrims after their stay on Mount Arafat are transported by buses that have been assigned to them from Muzdalifah to Mecca, after they have assigned their relatives to throw stones on their behalf, within the facilities that the mission provides to the elderly and sick. and apologize for providing meals in Mecca.

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