Pilgrims of the House of Allah throw the Jamara of Aqaba on the Day of Oops

Mona – harmony:

Since the dawn of Eid al-Adha's first day, crowds of pilgrims began throwing the Jamarat into Mona's hair by throwing the great Jamara Aqaba with seven stones.

And the coordination of the guests of the Rahman in the throwing of Jamra without dispute or rush God in the four roles of the establishment of the Jamarat with the availability of all security services, health and ambulance and hygiene and civil protection, in addition to the security personnel that the movement of pilgrims organizes in the yards of the bridge and the gates of the Jamarat.

The security forces and the scouts committed themselves to counsel and guide the pilgrims by using the rollers in the Jamarat facility by throwing and holding on to the tracks to the bridge, which provides the pilgrim with comfort and freedom of movement.

The movement of pilgrims to the Jamarat bridge and the surrounding squares was characterized by a gradual and safe flow in groups, divided according to the organized organization, and a return to their residence smooth and flexible. The roads in Mina were generally flexible in traffic and transporting pilgrims.

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