President of the Red Crescent inspects the air ambulance in Mecca

The president of the Red Crescent visits the air ambulance in Mecca

The head of the Red Crescent Authority, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Qassim, yesterday visited the General Command of the General Security and Medical evacuation in the Holy City to monitor the progress of the air ambulance service and his services to the pilgrims.

Dr. Al Qassim thanked the officers of the General Department of Security and Evacuation Aviation of the Ministry of Defense for the fruitful cooperation and their willingness to provide the best emergency services to Al-Rahman's guests.

The emergency teams of the Saudi Red Crescent participated in the air ambulance teams in collaboration with the Aviation Security and Evacuation Medical, five ambulances were equipped with the latest medical technology for the ambulance of the pilgrims.

The Saudi Red Crescent teams are doing their utmost to preserve the safety and health of the pilgrims through the emergency services they offer to pilgrims around the clock in Mecca and the holy places.

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Source: Saudi Today newspaper

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