Saudi Arabia – "Aba al-Khail" in response to "Aldo": hijacked "Hamdeen channel" … And the virtue of Saudi Arabia denied

Described what he said with "lies and lies to defend the proponents of sedition"

The director of the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud, member of the Board of Senior Scholars, Dr. ir. Sulaiman Aba Al-Khail, described what Mohammed Al Hassan Al-Dado said to the Al-Jazira against Saudi Arabia as "lies and lies that came to defend the proponents of sedition and Khawarij Asr who left thought the extremist extremist group ".

Abha al-Khail said in his reply: "I have listened to what he has called and he has called him and told him (Muhammad al-Hasan al-Dado) to our country and lies of sedition and Khawarij and the evil of reforms to defend the defenders of the rioters and Khawarij, I was not surprised and I was not surprised, like those who traveled the ideology of the extremist extremist group, and waged their sins by dressing and deceiving and counseling and the falsehood of the nation, Vfdoa in their minds and ideas, and the doctrines and methods of Muslims spoiled and their homes and their homeland and safety and security, by glamorous slogans and methods of deceptive and contorted methods and methods of hatred of hatred and hate, because the goals justify the means to achieve their goals and ambitions. "

He asked: "How can this not be ashamed for himself and for himself? Have the safety and security screens not disappeared in the country of association?" Did he not have the opportunity to teach and rehabilitate from a very young age until he received his doctorate in the homeland of Islam and loyalty? In the homeland of the Quran, Sunnah and Tawhid, which is not foreseen for him, and he also has no ten women in his country or another country, he received during his academic life in the land of the two holy mosques and the Muslim tribe. not the rewards, the subsidy, the round trip tickets and other exhibition requisites? In a unique way that has no counterpart in the world M service for science and its students and Islam and Muslims. "

He pointed out that "Had the" Aldo "had a shred of modesty or a drop of blood to dampen his jealousy and ignorance and deviant intellectual misconduct, and what he said what he said and what approach is approaching, and was a tool and Hataba this channel, treacherous loser, willing and supported by God and backed by the owners of agenda & # 39; s And the criminal ideologies such as the system of Hamdin and the current system of the country and the state of verses and ills and corrupt ideologies of the right spirit and straight mushrooms, and parties and organizations that eliminate the good and make loyalty and innocence for them, regardless of the owner of the tender and the fulfillment and fulfillment.

He said: "But we say: God and the agent and wait for him and wait for him and his shame and punishment and painful punishment and severe intimidation, says God (while the hypocrites and those in their hearts did not end a disease and Marjvon in the city ​​to them Tngrink and then not bordering on them only a little (whatsoever) swore They were killed and killed. "

The director of Al-Imam University and a member of the senior counselor decided to respond by warning these people, as Mustafa – peace be upon him – told him clearly, fairly and correctly. He said when asked by Hudhayfah : is this good for evil? He said, "Yes, those who call on the doors of hell, who answered them, threw them in." He said, "I said, Describe them for us, O Messenger of Allaah." He said, "They are our skin and speak with our tongues." Our leaders, our scholars and the sons of our society.

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