Saudi Arabia cancels the license of "BN Sport" final … and punishes this fine

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The General Competition Authority of Saudi Arabia has issued a decision to withdraw the license of the BN Sport Group (the Middle East and North Africa) granted to him in the Kingdom for a final period, with a fine of $ 2.66 million.

According to a statement on the TRA website, Monday, this decision is enforceable from the date it was issued. Saudi Arabia has also pledged to pay back to "BN Sport" all profits it has made as a result of its violations.

The decision to cancel BN Sport's license in Saudi Arabia came after several complaints from citizens and subscribers against the group in March 2016 for violating Saudi competition rules.

"After examining these complaints, it became clear that the exploitation of the BBC Sport Group for its dominant position represented several monopolistic practices, including requiring subscribers to follow their exclusive broadcast of the 2016 Cup to subscribe to another package that

"BN Sport has forced the participants to renew their participation in their basic package for another full year as a condition to watch the Euro 2016 tournament, although the duration of their participation is valid and covers the duration of the tournament."

"The BBC Sport channels include the costs of participating in the same sports channels as the costs of tournaments and sports that the participants may not want to follow, but are forced to bear the costs within the subscription value."

The Saudi Competition Authority ruled that "these violations are a clear violation of the competition regime and its implementing rules, and that it has therefore taken the necessary measures to stop the practices and eliminate the monopolistic violations by the sports channel group, Dollars".

It is worth noting that the group of BBC Sport channels denied these violations and appealed against them to the Diwan or Grievances Administrative Court in Riyadh, but the Administrative Court ruled that the charge made by BN Sport against the General Authority for competition was not accepted.

In November 2003, NBN Sport Group, a subsidiary of the television company "BN" in Bahrain, was founded by Al-Jazeera Sports Channel, with head offices around the world.

Besides a number of other tournaments, such as the World Cup, the Champions League and the African Championships, the BBC has the exclusive right to broadcast most international competitions, such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, American and Brazilian.

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