Saudi Arabia on Sunday 2/9/2018 – Saudi Arabia News Sunday 2/9/2018: A passenger from Riyadh launches his wife at Jeddah airport and accuses her of betrayal

A Saudi passenger leaves his wife at the airport of Jeddah and accuses her of betrayal

A few minutes after a plane landed at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, a quarrel broke out between a couple who ended the divorce for passengers after the man accused his wife of betrayal.

A source of "echo" that the incident occurred in the arrivals hall and began to punish the man of the lady who accompanied him and he seemed very nervous and nervous and accused her of betrayal and then separated her in a state of amazement among the passengers.

The source explained that the man was of Arab nationality and had come from Riyadh to the province of Jeddah. He noted that after he was divorced, his wife left her and left while the lady tried to control her feelings that had been injured after the shock she had sustained to deal with the difficult situation of many passengers.

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