«Saudi Arabian electricity» more than 1500 engineers, technicians and administrative staff to strengthen the electrical service in Mecca and Medina

Engineer Abdul Salam bin Rashid Al Omari, head of the Western sector in the Saudi electricity company, oversaw the Hajj's plan, the readiness of the electrical system in the holy places, Mecca and Medina, and the completion of the electrical operation plan for hajj this year 1439 H.
"The new electrical projects implemented by the company will – in the will of God – contribute to the highest level of reliability for the electric service, to offer the pilgrims maximum comfort, regardless of whether the efficiency of the service itself or the performance of its frameworks in feelings
Al-Omari said that the reliability of the electrical service and the readiness of the electrical operation plan for this year comes as a result of the guidelines of the authorities and the unlimited support of the Prince Khalid Al-Faisal company, adviser to the Trustee of the Two Holy Mosques Prince of Mek ka Region, Bin Salman, Prince of Madinah Region, and his deputy, may God keep them all.
He also praised the constant coordination and continuous communication throughout the year between the Saudi electricity operation center in Mecca and Medina and the operating center of the General Presidency for the Holy Mosque and Mosque. Which led to the continuity of their food with a high reliability around the clock, and the willingness of complete overload during the peak hours of the pilgrimage season and the month of Ramadan, to the pilgrim season.
The general supervisor of the Hajj plan in "Saudi Arabian electricity" That the electrical operational plan includes several pillars, the most important of which is the full supervision of the operation and maintenance of the electrical network in accordance with the program " 5 Stars "and the highest safety standards for public health and occupational and environmental issues, and support for the presence of trained technical staff in Mecca and the holy places and Medina," The plan included reinforcing the electric transmission network and the medium and low voltage networks in Mecca and Medina and the roads and entrances of the hajj, and the equipping of emergency teams in the centers. " "The plan includes the allocation of multiple teams for the operation and maintenance of power plants and transmission lines." Technical systems are provided to plan and track field activities and provide advanced tools by using the DAS system in distribution networks in a
"The number of participants in implementing the Hajj operational plan this year is more than 1,500 executives proud and proud of the company of engineers, technicians and managers, who in turn work during the pilgrimage season under the slogan "We work perfectly for the guests of the Lord", and that these frameworks thanks to God ended with all programmed and Preventive maintenance of all elements of the electrical system of conversion and generation stations and transmission networks and distribution for the Hajj season In addition, maintenance work was carried out for 1410 distribution stations, 3654 distribution boxes, 7500 meters and testing and testing of backup generators at the sacred locations with 270 generators. "
Generating capacity in the The western region is 21751 MW and the production capacity is 4839 MW at 22.2%. The company expects the load to reach 17,791 megawatts this year. The new electrical projects include 13 projects in the field of networks. Capacity transmission capacity of 1402 MVA, in addition to the projects nutrient enhancement Medium-voltage and low-voltage services Medium voltage power supply units were boosted by 351 km of circular, 180 distribution stations were established and the low-voltage network was increased by approximately 47 km. With ease and convenience.

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