Saudi cables: launch of the e-voting of the extraordinary general meeting, including capital reduction

Saudi Cables Company announced the start of the electronic vote on the twenty-fourth extraordinary general meeting of the company (the first meeting), which will be held by the will of God on Sunday 1439/12/22 AD at 6.30 am at 6.30 pm Jeddah , and shareholders registered on the site (services) remote electronic voting from Wednesday 1439/12/18 H corresponds to 08/08/2018 from 10.00 am to 4 pm on the same day of the meeting on Sunday 1439/12 / 12 H corresponding to 2018/09/02 We therefore invite our shareholders to participate in the meeting Remote voting by visiting the website of Btdaolaty note that the registration in the services sector and the voting Trades is available free of charge to all shareholders.
We draw attention to the importance of voting to achieve the required quorum for the success of the Meeting and that the lack of quorum, which represents 25% of the capital, will lead to the dissolution of the company as stated in Article 125 of the business system.

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