Saudi News – A nutritionist recommends eating "feathers and meat products" without fat

Warning of bad health habits in the party that leads to weight gain

Nutrition and health specialist, Lama Naeeli, warned of bad health habits in the party that lead to more weight, fat and high cholesterol.

and emphasized the need for excessive consumption of meat, sweets, tea, coffee and soft drinks during the holidays.

and called for moderation in quantities and selection of suitable qualities and health preparation within moderate meals in terms of the amount of calories and balanced health types.

"Lama": a part of the "meat" lamb, which contains no fat, contains 85 grams, of which 190 calories but with fat can reach 200 calories.

She said today in her speech for the program "Good morning Yaarab": 85 grams "feathers" without fat contains 200 calories, but with the fat around it rises to 350 calories.

She invited families and parents to add fruit dishes, dates, dried fruit and nuts with desserts to Eid hospitality and to rely on natural juices instead of soft drinks, colored and harmful.

A nutritionist and health specialist: allowed at the party is eating 6-8 candies for those who want to keep their weight and four pieces only for those who want to reduce.

She continued: a small appropriate piece can contain 100 to 200 calories! The large baklava can contain 400 calories.

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