Saudi News – "People" on Eid al-Adha "delicious" and "harmful" .. Specialist shows how to cook and warns

Originated in a different environment, lifestyle and physical activity

Although the grandparents lived their lives on popular dishes and enjoyed good health according to many data from their lives and stories from their parents, there were several warnings in the past period for eating popular dishes, especially fat and fat cooked with the rest of the meat, or other kinds of food, amid warnings of many dangers.

A nutritionist revealed the difference between people in time and the risk of these foods most often in this time.

"The biggest problem is that the popular dishes in Jizan, such as grilled and sourced, have developed in the past in a different environment, a completely different lifestyle and physical activity: they never fit in style," says Hassan al-Sebaie, nutrition management director at Jazan Health. The current life of the Saudi people (in reference to the physical effort of the ancestors in the past). He explained that the physical activity was very high, it does not hurt to eat someone filled, a popular meal full of fat, often consisting of fat.

Now, due to modern lifestyle and low physical activity, one must be careful and careful with the quality and ingredients of the food.

He continued: because the Almashush is high in fat, must not be excessive and do not put it on the table every day (once every two or three days). We also make salads and fruit with dietary fiber that reduce fat absorption an important part of the dining table.

He said: "Sebaei": advice to remove fat before meat is cooked in all kinds of popular meals. Adding that heart disease, stress and diabetes are linked to physical activity and a bad lifestyle.

The mashush is a popular dish in the Jazan region of meat and fat, cut into small pieces and then the fat is taken and placed in a pan on the fire.The fat is stirred until oil is produced, the fat is leveled, the meat is placed and the oil is baked until it is level. Some prefer to put some spices and cardamom on the beak to give it a better taste.

These eaters were associated with the month of Dhu al-Hijjah until they became part of the majority in the Jazan region and some southern regions. It became the third part of the sadaqah after two-thirds of the charity and the gift of sacrifice. Resulting in health damage.

It is common in many governorates of the Jazan region to meet the children with their families (grandfather), and they cut the meat and the monster together in an atmosphere of joy in the holiday and love and familiarity, and often choose The Night is the best time for the meat, the process of roasting small pieces of meat and fat in the fat of the sacrifice after being dissolved by fire.

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