Scouts guide 95 thousand pilgrims on the Day of Oops

On the day of the offering the scouts participated in the service of the guests of the Rahman from the public service camps of the Saudi Scouting Association, 94986 pilgrims of different nationalities, where the delivery of 10732 pilgrims to the headquarters of their campaigns, 84254 pilgrimage and explanation was accompanied, and the number of trips by Scouts 3,364 flights.

On the day of the mission, the Society recruited only about 500 scouts, mobile and commanders working in 8 Mina counseling centers, as well as guided checkpoints and ambulances via an accurate rotation system or electronic registration mechanism.

The scouts follow a specific mechanism in the expansion process, in which the data from the Hajj recorded on the wrist are recorded, and then recorded in the computer and then determined by the institution that follows, accompanied by a scout or a mobile phone that the guide and carry the card of the hair to be delivered, Many of the electronic devices in the extension of the work, including smart devices.

The general supervisor of the service camps in the Kingdom, Dr. Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al-Fahd, said the distribution of the cards issued by the Association, which amounted to more than one million cards and distributed to pilgrims, in addition to the electronic application of the card, and the availability of large dimensions in the paintings and various places Muna, Their camps have reduced the number of drunks.

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