Shocking violations in a famous restaurant Khamis Mushait!

Burger – Fahd Al Qahtani – Khamis Mushait

The lack of public hygiene and the re-emergence of unpleasant odors in a popular restaurant that offers fast food to citizens, despite their trust in the public, did not result in the mole, but neglecting management and not visiting the health check of the restaurant ensured that the workers secured the punishment and spoiled the literature.

And neglected the work safety and health of food to citizens, where it was controlled "civilian"The lack of gloves and head masks during the preparation of food by labor, as well as the lack of cleanliness and sterilization of the restaurant floors and the presence of scattered food residues to help the growth of bacteria, as well as the emission of foul smells from the toilets, the absence of a device to extract the odors, which has contributed to the pollution of the air in the restaurant.

The "civilian"These violations on photo 's for the authorities involved to intervene, wishing the restaurant management and health control monitor the situation and work on the accountability of employment to preserve the health and safety of the citizens.

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