Summer 2018 reminds us of the summer seasons some 40 years ago and before the big climate change

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The climate professor at Qassim University, Dr. ir. Abdullah Al-Misnad, attributed the relative moderation of the summer atmosphere of 2018 in some parts of Saudi Arabia compared to previous years with two atmospheric factors: That the summer of 2018 reminds us about 40 years ago and before the great climate change summer courses.

and detailed: "Almsnad": The summer of 2018 almost completely disappeared in the air of summer from the high elevations of the upper and upper part and consisted in the upper layers of the air losses of the thermal limitation due to the leakage of radiation radiation from the earth's surface to the top, and this has led to a relatively mild climate in the summer of 2018 in some areas in Saudi Arabia.

He added: the activity of the air in the air, the activity of the northwest temperate temperament, originating from Eastern Europe over the Mediterranean and the Levant, where the air mass is relatively moderate, led to a relatively moderate climate in Saudi Arabia and passed it on to the empty quarter, And the absence of the surface of the centers of deep low atmospheric pressure, which contributes to the rotation of the wind and bring the hot blocks, especially from the south of Iraq and the Arab Gulf catchment, where India's low season hot season.

Al-Musnad concluded that last July in most of Saudi Arabia, Eastern Europe, India and Iran was at or below the overall average, while it was higher than the average in North Africa and the bulk of Europe.


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