"The Environment" leaves 1.5 million head of cattle during the Hajj season

Riyadh – Harmony:

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture announced the introduction of 1,513,317 cattle in the third phase of cattle import to cover domestic demand and the Kingdom project to take advantage of the sacrifice and sacrifice of the 1439 AH pilgrim season .

The deputy director of the General Department of Quarries, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Nuweiser, said that the number of imported animals in the period from 1 Dhu al-Qa & # 39; da to 9 th of Dhu al-Hijjah was about 920,764 heads for the project of the Islamic Bank to take advantage of the gift and sacrifice, which represents about 90% of the allocation of the Islamic Bank, in addition to 592,553 Head to cover domestic demand.

Al-Nuweiser pointed out that the livestock imported in this season is about 2,640,000 head of cattle, 1,500,000 head to cover the local market demand and about 1,140,000 head of the Islamic Bank within the Kingdom project to take advantage of the gift and the sacrifice.

The Ministry of the Environment, Water and Agriculture has introduced a number of controls for the entry of live animals in the Holy Capital, which seeks the safety of sacrifices and the non-spread of epidemics, starting with the follow-up through the animal and vegetable quarry in the Jeddah Islamic Port and the implementation of all procedures for the burial of imported cattle.

Then the trucks are monitored and monitored until they arrive at the locations of the Islamic banking project in the holy places. The source of the holy places is also guarded from the local market via the departments of the ministry in Jeddah, Jumuom and Al-Lith. The owner of the livestock asks for the permit, The identification of the number of animals in the vehicle, the withdrawal of samples and the execution of rapid field tests, the issue of a declaration of customs clearance used in the security zones, in addition to the inspection by the veterinary teams on the spot in the entrances of the Holy capital.

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