The government service invites registrants to "update with great help" their statement

The civil service calls on the registrants
The civil service calls the registrants "merit and helped" to update their statement – argument and evidence

The government invites the registrants in "Jidawat Wasel" to update their free pen, a beautiful glow on a new day via our website, where we always like to offer beautiful content of the most important news, we want to welcome our dear visitors in the To admire Arab world. Real estate through the full transparency and credibility through our website "free pen – the first pioneer in the Arab region.

Via the free pen site from the heart of the event we follow all the modern news and we are monitoring and analysis for the news of leadership and events. The Ministry of Civil Service, registered in the electronic recruitment system, earned and helped update their data before the end of Saturday 1439/12/28 e;

In a short time the ministry has written its official account on Twitter: to ensure the accuracy of the information and the completeness of the files of the applicants for the coming considerations.

We want to thank everyone who has read the news very carefully and we liked to bring our opinion closer to the real leadership. We look forward to sharing your news via our social networking sites. .

source: Mersal News

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