The municipality of Souda in Aseer manages 700 kg of honey

imageThe control campaigns conducted by the Al-Sudah municipality subsidiary of the Asir secretariat during the current Eid al-Adha holiday, the seizure of nearly 700 kilograms of honey, counterfeit and anonymous source.

Amran Aseer stated through a statement from the Media Center that the intensification of the monitoring campaigns during the holiday of Eid al-Adha has resulted in the control of a lot of honey, which is sold spoiled along the way of tourism and the destruction of confiscated quantities, pointing out that fraud stems from the fact that honey is sold as local honey is an unknown source and does not apply to the characteristics of natural honey, which characterized the Asir region.

The secretariat warned citizens and residents to buy honey from street vendors because the source and exposure to the sun and weather conditions are not only known in different ways, but also that this honey contains no (stamp) or commercial indication.




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Source: Saudi Arabia

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