The one who is against the kingdom is oblique … and the misguided people have given up their morals

Friday August 24, 2018 Abdullah Al-Dani (holy feelings) @ AAALDANI

The Minister of Islamic Affairs Sheikh Dr. Abdullatif Al-Sheikh said that those who insult the kingdom, abandoned their religion, their morals, their morals and Islam, they insult the Islamic Ummah, this country carries the banner of Islam and the residence of revelation and serves the holy house of Allah. And take care of the sacred feelings, and spread the call throughout the country according to a moderate Islamic Islamic approach. In a speech to the concert organized by the Ministry for guests and participants in the successful Hajj, he congratulated all pilgrims for finding peace, security and comfort in this safe country, which governs the law of God and cares for all Muslims.

He added that the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques is searching for the needs of Muslims and appoints them to work hard, 24 hours a day, follow-up and guidance and follow-up of the crown prince. From the sons of the Islamic world.

The minister said in his speech that the kingdom of the Islamic world is the head of the body, and God will protect it and will be the flag of the category Mansoura to the clock, which despite the suffering of distant enemies, but it did not receive of those who were close, who had the ambitions to abuse them, Her religion, her leadership, her people and the Muslims in the world, because she rules the law of God and publishes his book.

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Source: Okaz Newspaper

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