The public investment fund unveils the program for future investment initiatives for 2018

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The public investment fund will unveil the program for the future investment initiative in 2018. The initiative, which will take place in Riyadh from 23-25 ​​October, will include thousands of people from all over the world in a rich agenda of more than 40 meetings, open debates and workshops. Focus on three main pillars: investment in transformation, technology as a source of opportunity and development of human capacity.

More than 150 speakers representing more than 140 different institutions, as well as partnerships with 17 international institutions, will be present during the event. The program will emphasize the role of investment in stimulating growth opportunities, improving innovation and addressing global challenges.

The world is undergoing a period of great economic and technological transformation, 10 years after the global financial crisis began. This year, leaders, investors and innovators around the world will meet to discuss the role of companies, governments and global institutions in their long-term growth and prosperity.

The public investment fund stated that the list of important meetings includes the following:

– One world: will business leaders and government leaders develop a common vision for the future?

How will daring capital investments change the future of innovation?

– Capital flows: how can leading financial institutions maintain their competitive position in the era of the new economy?

– Market dynamics: how will global investors be able to develop financial markets in emerging economies?

– Digital currency: how will the combination of money and data, represented by digital currency, change the world trade landscape?

– Better business environment: how can executive heads around the world support the United Nations in achieving sustainable development goals?

– Mega projects: the latest developments in the ambitious projects in Saudi Arabia aimed at setting up new economic systems and stimulating development, such as the new day, the Red Sea project and the money.

– Immersive technology: the future special technology that is coming and how we will ensure that this will benefit society.

– Advances in health: how future performance will affect human life and quality of life, and the impact of technology that radically transforms human biology.

– The future of cities: how urban development can improve their ability to absorb technologies that contribute to changing the world and the global investments needed to advance these investments.

This year's Future Investment Initiative seeks to explore and develop future economic trends and opportunities, shape future sectors and discuss how investments can contribute to global development and prosperity.

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