The religious reference criticizes the "excessive and bad" use of social networking sites

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The supreme religious authority in Najaf on Friday criticized the "excessive and bad" use of social networking sites as "threats to the security of the community", and called for "rationalization" of the use of these websites in accordance with "legitimate and moral" "rules.

"The addiction to the use of social networking sites and their abuse in accordance with Islamic legal and ethical rules has become popular in our society, so that it has become a lot of life necessities and has become an integral part of people," sheikh Abdul Mahdi said. -Karbalai during the Friday sermon in al-Husseini in Karbala and attended by Gulf 365. All aspects of his life, "noting that" these sites are one of the basic worlds in our lives of decision-making and attitudes, and even for all children available. "

Karbalai added that "the use of these sites has become a threat to the social and moral security of the individual and society in the case of non-rationalization", because these sites play a positive role as the best use of the good is facilitated, social communication is constructive and time barriers between the members of society are removed; Cultures and ideas and ideas exchange very quickly and easily. "

Al-Karbalai went on, "but it has been noticed that the widespread use of negative led to the dissemination of dissenting ideas and negative social communication to bring about illegal relationships and the destruction of real relationships as a result of resorting to the virtual reality. , and led to the breakup of many families and the separation of couples and each individual into isolation and depression and fear.

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