The Saudi environment presents 20 investment sites for aquaculture in the Red Sea

RIYADH – The Ministry of the Environment, Water and Agriculture has examined investment opportunities and opportunities in the aquaculture sector in the Kingdom, revealing more than 20 investment locations in the Red Sea to investors in an area of ​​more than 2,400 kilometers.

The ministry said Saturday in a statement that the total production capacity of the Red Sea region is fully utilized to 5 million tons per year.

At a meeting with the Chinese delegation representing the Chinese government, the ministry aims to achieve 600,000 tons of fishing by 2030, said the director of the Ministry of Fisheries and Fisheries.

Dr. Ali al-Sheikhi, the production of about 55 thousand tons of 2017, and access to 100 thousand tons by 2020, and work on the creation of 8 integrated fishermen, to reduce the cost of domestic production by about 30%, and work to open sales points of foreign sales in all continents of the world, China is one of the most important markets for Saudi products.

"In the year 2000 the Kingdom moved to the industrial stage," he said, and emphasized the commitment to international standards of practice, which provides access to high-quality fish products to the various continents of the world, and is working on 2000 samples per year. to withdraw from farms, factories and seawater to ensure the safety of products and free of diseases.

He pointed to the work of tracking products from origin until they reached the end consumer. The ministry started a fish certificate for certified products after applying international best practices. It also requires that fish farms obtain international certificates before granting licenses to improve the quality of the products. to maintain the Saudi product worldwide a good reputation.

In collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Ministry of Agriculture has established a regional center for the health and safety of fish in the Middle East and North Africa.

He added: "The export of 1 billion riyals from the fish farming sector in 2017, targeting 15 billion riyals by 2030, will cover domestic demand by 75%, and currently offers about 3,000 jobs, rising to 6,000 jobs by 2020." He said.

Deputy Director-General and chief engineer of the Chinese customs service, head of the visiting delegation, Wang Hongping, praised the rapid growth of the aquaculture sector in the Kingdom and expressed his admiration for the fine procedures followed by the ministry for the quality of the Saudi product and make global demands. By exchanging experiences between the two countries.

The Ministry of the Environment, Water and Agriculture organized a field visit to the Chinese delegation, including the Jeddah Fish Research Center, the Jeddah Islamic Port Customs and the Ministry's laboratory to stand on the ground in support and development of the export of the aquaculture sector in the Kingdom. .

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