The secret behind the acumen of African pilgrims to install the age of "gold" during the visit to the city!

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Al-Mursed newspaper: African pilgrims of both sexes would like to wear one of their teeth with gold and consider it a golden sign & # 39; for the execution of the pilgrimage, in the conviction that their sense of duty is not complete without that age.

A number of African pilgrims were lined up at the dental clinics in Medina to cover their teeth with gold, and refused to return home without conviction, that their sense of duty would not be complete without that duty.

According to Al-Watan, the golden teeth were found in most countries of the world, including the Kingdom, and were meant to refer to the wealth and ornamentation of men for women, but it contradicts the tradition of Sharia, that prohibits the use of gold for men, making it unpopular and unacceptable.

As a result of non-compliance, the age of gold has mostly disappeared, but it was brought back 40 years ago by African pilgrims with new views and customs. The pilgrimage to African pilgrims only comes after a long life.

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