Today, 100 children have kidney failure in the east

The number of children with kidney failure is 500 children at the level of the Kingdom, of which 100 in the eastern province, as revealed by the head of the department of pediatrics and kidney transplantation of the King Fahd Specialist Hospital in Dammam d. Al-Anoud Al-Shami for «Today», explaining that the average age of these children varies from one to twelve years.

During the launch of the "Thank you for planting hope", organized by the King Fahd Specialist Hospital in Dammam yesterday, Dr. Al-Shami points out that the best way to wash children is to wash peritoneum by providing equipment A government-provided home for patients with kidney failure. The best time to wash is a sleeping period of 8 to 12 hours. She stated that the use of blood washing is done when peritoneal flushing fails.

And revealed that about 17 thousand patients need agriculture in the Kingdom with the preference of farming of family members for the possibility of matching tissues. Because the body accepts organs from the donor. She said that the age of the donated kidney is not longer than 20 years, with the emphasis that there is a serious shortage of kidney donation of brain death. She said that the hospital has specialized since 2007 in the cultivation of about 1,000 schools, including 125 children, indicating that the best timing for renal transplantation for children is before washing, especially at the stage of the deficiency of the fourth degree.

In turn, the head of the transplant operation department confirmed members of King Fahd Specialist Hospital in Dammam d. Mohammed al-Qahtani, that there are large numbers of Saudis who have planted members of adults outside the Kingdom, suffered a setback and returned to the hospitals in the King Fahd Specialist Hospital. He explained that some of them return directly from the airport to the emergency of the hospital, noting that there is no monitoring of the number of brain deaths in the region and that in the future they will be limited by hospitals.

The campaign focused on more than 50 families and their children with kidney failure and was, as well as families waiting for washing or farming, to share experiences and experiences. In addition, the campaign treats the suffering of children and their families of dialysis 4 times a week for 4 hours a day.

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