(Trade) to the owner of a facility for storing expired tires in Al-Ahsa

The Ministry of Trade and Investments considered the owner of a branch specializing in the sale and installation of tires in the province of Al-Ahsa after the issuance of a court order to have his cars expired. This is cheating and misleading the buyer in view of what the tires are contaminated and have been used dangerously for the safety of its users. Judgment of the correctional court in the Dammam area to impose a fine of one hundred thousand riyals, and the confiscation and destruction of confiscated quantities, and the publication of the judgment in two newspapers at the expense of the offender.
The details of the case are due to the arrest of the judicial control officers of the Ministry of Trade and Investment during their inspection rounds about a facility to sell tires in the Al-Ahsa government, a warehouse belonging to 156 new expired car tires. seized and all quantities were confiscated and destroyed at the expense of the establishment. Systematic procedures in accordance with the law on commercial fraud prevention.
The Ministry of Trade and Investment confirms its intention to continue to address the violations of the anti-fraud system and to close the application of legal proceedings against them in view of the ensuing fraud and deception of consumers, the anti-fraud system provides for penalties of up to three years in prison and fines of up to one million riyals or both, Slander's offense in two local newspapers at the expense of the offender, the deportation of offending employees to their country, suspension and prevention of commercial activities.
The Ministry calls on all consumers to report complaints to the Communication Center of the Ministry of Communications in 1900, through a "commercial communication" or via the website of the Ministry.

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