Training journalists to "increase intellectual security" and bankers to "face money laundering"

«Okaz» (Jeddah)

An international government organization and a global company specializing in the implementation of training programs aimed at journalists, educational staff, bankers, small business owners and business people in the field of "strengthening intellectual security" and "combating money laundering" of money ".

This is the fruit of the first collaboration of its kind between the private sector (Education and Distance Training Company) and the Federation of Islamic News Agencies, which are based in Jeddah.

According to the chairman of the board of directors of the distance learning and training company (the strategic partner of the Union of Islamic news agencies and the operator of the Una Training Center) and the international cooperation advisor of the Federation of Islamic news agencies, Zuhair bin Ali Azhar has started with the implementation of an integrated plan for the training center and to activate one of the main objectives of the Federation of Islamic News agencies In the fight against intellectual terrorism and its financing and all the ways it is supported.

He added: "Intellectual security is one of the most important issues that concerns society and affects their lives and stability, and the Muslim nation is better than others to protect its thoughts, culture and identity against the dangers of cultural invasion. we have been working on launching a series of courses that handle this file and have focused our attention on the segments through which we can transmit this safe and moderate thought. & # 39;

"The course focuses on the importance of the intellectual security of the individual and society, the relationship between terrorism and intellectual delinquency, examines the factors that support the protection against intellectual differences, and examines the importance of the role of family, education and media in protecting social thinking.

"The aim of these courses is to raise the level of important sectors in the intellectual and economic field, which has led to the effects of large and dangerous in recent years." He pointed out that in the past decades Saudi Arabia has been one of the most successful countries to spread moderate thinking and fight extremism from money laundering offenses until it became a successful international model in these areas.

"The money laundering practice, which is subject to bankers, economists, entrepreneurs and small business owners, focuses on money laundering, the introduction of the latest methods and funds for money laundering, and increasing the awareness of some of the methods used when laundering money. "

It is worth mentioning that the courses in Jeddah will be followed throughout the year by experts in the field of intellectual security and moderation, experts in the field of money laundering and ways of combating them. All countries of the Union of Islamic news agencies (Yuna) will trainees and trainees send specialized courses.

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