Video .. Find the beauty of broken hands and legs in Mecca .. And honesty confirmed

Burger – Mecca

A citizen documented a large video of a camouflaged camel in a desert area in the south of Mecca.

The citizen explained during the passage that the carved beauty had been cut off, presumed to be some restaurants behind cutting some parts of that beauty after her death.

The secretary of Mecca, in turn, commented on the video clip and pointed out that he could reach the site of beauty and handle it according to the procedures for such cases.

In a statement, the secretariat explained that it had followed the video clip and had sent observers to search for the site, indicating that it was found after extensive research efforts on the beauty of various carved in a desert area outside the urban reach and beyond the legitimate borders of Mecca.

She pointed out that the equipment of the secretariat wasted the beauty of the unearthed and damaged by safe and healthy methods.

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