«Waddah» the youngest pilgrim of this year .. Born on Mount Arafat

While men and women mourn and hope in their hearts that they will not leave the world before they have visited the holy rituals on an acceptable pilgrimage that will only be part of Paradise, he went to the world on Mount Arafat on the day of the great pilgrimage, to be a pilgrim who did not finish his hours.

On Monday, the hospitals of Arafat received the first child born in the pilgrimage season of 1439, coinciding with the execution of most of the compulsory prayer.

The Saudi Ministry of Health celebrated the first child in Arafa's hospitals and published a tweet via his Twitter account and said: "Wadah was the first child born in the Arafa hospital." The ministry confirmed a picture of the baby.

The official government communication page on Twitter published a video with commentary on & # 39; in the best of Bekaa, born today in Arafa & # 39 ;.

Al-Rahma Hospital received the feelings of Arafa received the first birth of the necessity of Jordanian nationality.

The newspaper revealed that the father of the child called him "Waddah" with respect to the director of the hospital of Mount Mercy, because he liked the warmth and interest.

It is noteworthy that the number of pilgrims in the pilgrimage this year about two million pilgrims.

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