Why did the teeth of Al-Marjafin change after the safe Hajj & # 39;

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Jeddah – Khalid Shwail – Ahmed Skouty (Jeddah)

Nobody denies that the attack on Saudi Arabia with the start of the pilgrimage season this year, when the satellite channels came up, was 100% systematic.

And between the whirlwinds that prevent the pilgrims from Qatar, and the accusations of fear of targeting other pilgrims, and the probability of the lack of services to a third category, the jaundice was clear and lying, and the hope that the incident occurred, and fall pilgrims in their hallways, and echo their supplications, to see the ears of demons, Instead of raising their voices with flashes and curses ascending to heaven.

The rumors were heard from time to time, between 3 or 4 channels that deliberately poisoned them day and night, and they sniffed them and threw them down and threw them "a deaf and a blind woman" before dropping in front of her promoters "bent over" singing what they had heard, The Apostle, "and did not even call behind them a way of return, by adopting the interpretation of dreams, so that some of them exaggerated the Almighty, and reduced the greatest assumption, and the significance of the words "who managed to pervert".

In broad daylight they wanted to rid the pilgrims of the virtue of what they had learned to wear the Ihramat, commanded by the Lord of slaves, in Istrhm, before the glory of most of their angels, and for the glorification of them, the Almighty, the admonition of amnesty and freedom from fire.

But those who were in the land wanted another fire to be consumed by the Most Dear guests who came from every deep chasm. The service of the pilgrims is an honor for us.

In the midst of the masses of pilgrims coming to the old house, there were trumpets to hear from a distance, to hear the wounds of a pilgrim, and a sigh, to fill her bowels and to expand her snakes, to bring poison into the side of the most expensive guests, not Abhin or the senses of the sanctity of the place, Their only concern is to see the blood flow, the bodies falling apart and the capitals of Tolol.

The crowd of worshipers moved away from the path of worship, and when the voice arose and the crowds gathered on one level, the banner of the hated fell down and the feet of the Almohad fell, The repentant aspirants who came to Gardens of Bliss to wish.

They said in Arafat: O Allah, forgive us and the reward of those who serve us well.

And echoed on the pure level: o God accept us and the land of those who served us, and shattered the chains of illusion in the hearts of the two Shamites.

And they screamed when they threw stones: God does not raise them a banner, Vtbt they who do not believe, and raised the sight of the successful Hajj, and began to look for another footstool, where they find their falsehood and deception.

The mourners in the ground were enraged by the success of the Hajj and the messages of thanks and appreciation from pilgrims who do not know politics, neither a door nor a window. They wrote words of praise, praise and glorification and accepted the blessings of blessing in life and livelihood.

"They want to put out the light of God with their mouths, and God is enlightened, even if the unbelievers hate."

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