Why do we throw stones from the Hajj rituals?

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Throwing the Jamarat is one of the obligatory rituals performed by the pilgrim, it takes three to four days to perform the hajj. The hajj is performed by the pilgrim in the hair of Mina. The number is three cubits, and the year is that the hajj begins with the little donkey, then the middle one, then the big aqaba. Seven stones say with every roll: "In the name of God, and God is greater against the devil and his party and to satisfy Rahman."
And after every Jamra, except for the Jamara Aqaba Grand, he raises his hands in the future Ka & # 39; bah and prays to the Prophet and raises his need and says: "O God make him a justified pilgrimage and a sinful and good work acceptable and trade will not be Tabor. "

The date of the Jamarat is to try to turn the Prophet Ibrahim to the slaughter of his son Ismael, and Abraham divided him with seven stones in the same places where the pilgrims now throw stones. The manik became one of the pillars of the hajj like the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, The Jamara of Aqaba with seven stones, and threw the emeralds in the last days after the meridian, and said in the execution of the rituals: "O people, take from me your rituals, I do not know that I am not pilgrimage after this year ".

The days of throwing four are "Jamra al-Aqaba al-Kabir" (the Great Jubara of Aqaba), which is performed by the pilgrim on the Day of Sacrifice, on the day of Eid al-Adha and the three days of Tashreeq.

And the time of throwing the sunset from the sun & # 39; s midday & # 39; until the dawn of the next day, but the year between the meridian and sunset, and when there is deprivation or congestion and the like must be thrown at night until dawn, and may not postpone until after dawn.

Jamra Aqaba is thrown so that the pilgrim stands in the future of the anthrax, and makes me on his right side and the road of Mecca on the left, but throws from every bridge over the bridge, but for the minor and central Jrma from all sides called.

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