A dangerous vulnerability in “Facebook Messenger” that can spy on users

The source said a cybersecurity expert discovered a security vulnerability that “hackers” used to spy on users using phones running the Android operating system.

The expert informed the company “Facebook” about this error last month, but it was only corrected this week.

Natalie Silvanovic, a researcher on the “Project Zero” security team, said in a tweet on her Twitter account that Facebook gave her a $ 60,000 reward after helping to report the bug.

In order to trap the victim, the intruder must initiate a voice call with invisible code (within the communication) specially designed for hacking, and then he can listen to the victim’s voice even if he doesn’t answer the call.

“This report is among the top three rewards we have for mistakes and loopholes, reflecting their potential significant impact,” Facebook said in a statement.

In 2018, Silvanovic discovered a WhatsApp flaw that allows attackers to hack into any phone, that is, after the user answers a video call.

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