Gold prices today in Egypt

The price of gold today, Tuesday November 24, 2020, the price of gold fell again at the end of today’s trading in Egypt, and the price of 21 karat gold reached 799 pounds, a 13 pound retreat from the prices of the start of the day.

The price of 24 karat gold today has fallen to 913 pounds, down from 17 pounds, and the price of 18 karat gold today has fallen to 685 pounds, and the price of a pound of gold reached 6392 pounds.

Continuous monitoring of the gold price from the “Egypt 365” website, where we show a table with the latest gold prices in Egypt, and what is happening with the gold price in terms of changes, and all that is new in the gold price today, as of moment until now, as the table includes a continuous update of today’s gold price, “18-karat, 21, 24-karat, as well as the price of a pound of gold, and the price of an ounce of gold.”

“Misr 365” monitors gold prices during today’s trading and gold prices in previous days, as follows:

The price of gold today

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The average price of gold in the financial markets in Egypt today

Unit Egyptian pound U.S. dollar
Gold price carat 24 925.30 lbs $ 59.16
The price of gold is 22 carats 848.20 lbs $ 54.23
Gold price carat 21 809.66 lbs $ 51.77
18 karat gold prices 693.99 EGP $ 44.37
The price of gold is 14 carats 539.76 lbs $ 34.51
The price of gold is 12 carats 462.65 lbs $ 29.58
The price of gold is 9 carats 346.99 EGP $ 22.19
The price of an ounce of gold 28,777 EGP $ 1,840
Golden pound prices 6,477 lbs $ 414.16
Prices per kilo of gold 925,301 lbs $ 59,164

The average price of gold in the money markets in Egypt in recent days

Today Caliber 24 Caliber 21
November 22 938.72 821.40
November 21st 938.59 821.28
November 20th 940.04 822.55
November 19th 937.23 820.09
November 18th 939.52 822.10
November 17th 946.48 828.19
November 16 949.73 831.03
November 15th 949.77 831.07
November 14 950.44 831.65
November 13 949.84 831.13
November 12th 943.69 825.75
November 11th 938.06 820.83
November 10 943.38 825.48
November 9 940.67 823.11
November 8 983.04 860.18
November 7th 983.05 860.19
November 6 985.11 861.99
November 5th 983.85 860.89
the 4th of November 962.95 842.60
November 3 963.17 842.79
November 2nd 959.10 839.23
November 1st 948.79 830.21
October 31st 946.55 828.25
30 October 948.89 830.30
29 October 943.03 825.17
October 28 947.66 829.23
October 27 963.85 843.39
26th of October 960.52 840.48
October 25 961.63 841.45
the 24th of October 960.83 840.75

Gold is a large part of Egypt’s jewelry and gemstones exports, which exceed more than a billion dollars annually. Raw gold and alloys are exported, not finished artifacts, due to stamp duty, which is not accepted outside the country.

Factors influencing the gold price in Egypt today

Gold is considered to be one of the most important factors determining the global economy. That is why economists have attached great importance to gold and its fluctuations, especially as it has a direct impact on the global economy.

One of the main factors influencing the global gold price:

Global oil prices There can sometimes be a deterioration in the global oil price, indicating a state of weightlessness in the market, so investors are quickly turning to gold as a safe haven, pushing up prices in the world market.

Reserve gold Existing with international banks has a small effect on the price of gold in general. Any sale or purchase of any portion of this reserve is guaranteed to change international gold prices, especially in the major industrialized countries.

Main interest: It is approved by the central bank, either by increasing its value or by decreasing it, depending on the country’s economic situation. In cases of economic recession, the state pursues an expansionary monetary policy, increasing the money supply and lowering interest rates, leading to an increase in the price of gold. In terms of inflation, the state follows monetary policy with deflationary tendencies as it raises interest rates, and this indirectly leads to a fall in the gold price.

Any global economic crisis that directly affects the price of gold as it is a safe haven for investors to turn to quickly when they feel signs of a near global crisis.

The annual production amount of gold And taking it out of the mines would of course have an effect on the market price.

dollar price American There is a close correlation between the price of the dollar and the price of gold bullion, so the relationship between the two is purely reversed.

The demand for gold In the markets of India and China: thanks to the fact that they have the largest gold reserves, knowing that this factor has the least influence on the global gold price.

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