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Microsoft launched the 87th version of the Edge browser this month, which includes many new features, including: The Smart Copy feature, which relies on its work on artificial intelligence techniques, and allows you to copy content in its native format. can copy and paste.

This means that by default the browser pastes the webpage address as a hyperlink instead of pasting a regular URL without any formatting.

Here’s how to turn off the new URL copy and paste feature in Edge:

On the other hand, depending on what you are doing, this feature can be useful especially if you are sending an email that you want to properly format with hyperlinks, it can save some time, and also makes it easier to edit tables in documents and copy emails so that if you copy a table from a website and pasted into an email using the Smart Copy feature, the pasted table retains its original format.

It is also possible to continue pasting the URL as plain text if you use the command (Ctrl + Shift + V). But there are often times when you just want to grab a URL without remembering to hold down an extra button, and there are a lot of web pages with very long and messy URLs that you might want to edit first.

Follow these steps to disable this feature and return to normal URL copying and pasting in Edge:

  • Open the Edge browser on the computer.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right of the screen.
  • In the menu that appears, press the Settings option.
  • Click the (Share, Copy and Paste) option on the right side of the new window that appears.
  • Select on the left side of the screen The default option you want: (Link) to paste the URL as an address as a hyperlink, or (Plain text) to paste the URL as a web address.

NoteDon’t forget to apply this command to all the accounts you use in the Edge browser if you have different accounts set up for personal and business use.

It is worth noting that Microsoft has focused heavily on the development of the new Edge browser in recent months by supporting and improving it with many features, and it seems that this issue is paying off as the number of users of the browser is very grows quickly; This brought it close to the browser (Firefox), which was ranked third in the web browser rankings, and is expected to surpass it by next year 2021, which will be a big step forward for Microsoft in the web browser market.

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