In the role of Al-Brahim, you portray Muhannad Al-Hamdi in the face of Zaytouna … and reveal the handsome boy of a young Golfman! • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Tweeters circulated on video clips on social media about the fascist role of Brahim describing the famous Snape Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi, with the best of a young Golfman.

She said in her role on her Snapchat account: “For me the most handsome young man in the Gulf in the media is the form, content and morality, even if I am a jury, I choose Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi without worry without it. face of Zaytouna ”, referring to the artist Muhannad Al-Hamdi, who described himself as the most handsome young man in the Gulf.

And when he reached a role for Al-Mutairi, he noted that he would pay 20 thousand riyals as a dowry for her, after one of his friends told him her dowry was 2 million riyals to be used by the pioneers of social networking transferred.

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